Travel Planners

Website & Photo

The Concept

Travel Planners needed to better clarify their corporate events services. They are experts in their industry, with experience on their side, but their current website was not showcasing that. What they needed was a website that related visually to corporate clients with event space photography and concise descriptions of their services.

The Creative Process

To be the best in corporate event and meeting planning, you need to relate to the corporate consumer. Nothing too flashy with design, but rather a website that was easy to digest and easy to navigate. There is a lot of information packed into their services, but with page designs that flow from one section to the next, the viewer can feel at ease while taking it all in.

The Final Product

Wide lens photography and videography was the best solution for us to capture the event spaces that Travel Planners has to offer. Another key to the business was to explain how a travel planning company got into event planning, and achieving that with well-written copy helped to augment the success of this website.