The Bakeroom

Branding & Graphic Design

The Concept

A business that is just getting started is a fresh palette, with no design to enhance or update, but rather the opportunity to create a lasting brand image for years to come. That’s exactly the project we were handed with The Bakeroom’s opening in Greenville, SC.

The Creative Process

Bakeroom owner Wade wanted his logo to be easily identified in black and white, bold, and subtly suggest that he is an artisan baker. Without using a rolling pin or pieces of bread in the logo design, we set out to break down the visual imagery associated with bread and wheat stalks. We found the geometric shape, and began to manipulate it while playing off of the round shapes found in the letter B.

The Final Product

The Bakeroom’s final logo draws you in for the simplicity and complexity it displays all at once. It looks familiar, approachable, and yet, you know that via the interesting take on wheat stalks in the logo, this is no ordinary bread baking business.