Spruce Services & Solutions

Social Media & Graphic Design

The Concept

Spruce Services and Solutions provides full-service property maintenance for residential homes and commercial spaces. They have been operating in the Carolinas for ten years, and when they came to us, they had recently updated their website and logo. What they hadn’t thought about was communicating with their target audience on social platforms.

The Creative Process

When we look at a brand’s social media presence, we want to dial in on their target audience. We realized quickly that Spruce’s target audience is the generation that is most frequently found on Facebook. With that in mind, we designed a personality that would allow Spruce to communicate its high-quality services and its accountability.

The Final Product

With client testimonials and services for every home and business, Spruce has a lot to talk about on social media. When hiring services for your home or business, you don’t necessarily want to hire your friend, but you want to hire a company that you know will deliver with quality in mind. That’s the voice of Spruce Services and Solutions.