Sallé Custom Contracting

Branding, Website, & Graphic Design

The Concept

Salle Custom Contracting produces high end work, and they were in need of a brand image that reflects a similar aesthetic. High end design with a strong presence is what we set out to achieve.

The Creative Process

What we found is that brands in the remodeling and home design industry often use symbols of homes, rulers, and building imagery in their logo. We wanted to represent the geometric nature of contracting work, but without the typical icons and shapes.

The Final Product

The Salle logo represents the angular foundation that all contracting projects begin with. The mix between a serif and sans serif typeface relates to both the high end design and the sound judgment decisions that are made when you work with the Salle team. We pulled the deep orange tones from their previous logo to continue the brand familiarity, while pairing it with a modern, slate blue and gray to give the colors a new feel.