Fisheye Studios

Branding & Graphic Design

The Concept

Logo projects with an already creative business are a dream, especially when the key points of inspiration for the design are simple, clear, and geometric.

The Creative Process

As many creatives know, sometimes the most simple aesthetics are the most difficult to achieve in design. We knew that we didn’t want to use any photography equipment in the logo design (think cheesy aperture lenses and awkward-looking tripods), but rather we wanted to accomplish a strong branding with the company name—and letters—alone.

The Final Product

A sans serif was a clear choice, but when working with the shapes of the letters F and E, choices were not so clear. Strikingly similar shapes are difficult to pair, but the end result is a simple and long-lasting logo design. The studio has been a Greenville staple for almost 15 years, and they need a logo strong enough to last them another fifteen.