Dwell Greenville

Website & PR

The Concept

Dwell Greenville owner Maggie Maher was one of our first clients after we made the move to Greenville, SC. Her clever idea for a business quickly caught our attention. Maggie saw a need in the Upstate for a leasing concierge service—a solution for newcomers’ and long-time residents’ searches for rental properties, including homes, apartments, and condominiums. Dwell Greenville assesses each tenant’s needs and preferences and quickly curates options that fit the criteria.

The Creative Process

When Maggie first approached us, the branding and logo for Dwell Greenville was already in place. What was missing, however, was a strong online presence. We began with the content and custom design for a website that appealed to a broad audience and clearly explained the business’s services. But we knew establishing this online presence was only half the battle.

The Final Product

In a market where leasing concierge services didn’t previously exist, most of Maggie’s target demographic had never heard of this type of business. Education was key here, so we distributed a few press releases to the right publications in town and quickly landed Dwell Greenville spots in Upstate Business Journal and Greenville Business Magazine. Overnight, Maggie’s client list more than quadrupled, and she has been an unstoppable force ever since.