Chadmac Popcorn

Branding, Website, & Photo

The Concept

Chadmac Popcorn is a small business with big business intentions. Their branding desperately need some new direction, from the logo design itself to the website and product photography.

The Creative Process

Throughout the process we wanted the branding to be fun, as popcorn brands should be, but with a maintained sense of cleanliness. The first step was knowing what was out there in the popcorn industry, and noting what we liked and disliked. After multiple runs with color options, we landed on shades of blue, red, and purple for logo alterations. Another crucial step in the process was knowing that product photography would play a large role on the website design.

The Final Product

With a handwritten font for the logo, a simplified popcorn illustration, and white & bright product photos, we think the line between clean and playful is well balanced. Add a quirky sans serif typeface in there, and you have all that a popcorn brand hopes to portray.