Who We Are


Owner & Marketing Director | Follow Her Here

Joanna is always looking for her next challenge, which may explain why she thrives managing a small business while raising three kids and serving as director for an international nonprofit. With an education in international marketing, years of experience in corporate America, and a passion for entrepreneurship, her strategic plans combine both traditional and out-of-the-box tactics, ensuring maximum ROI for every client. A tried-and-true Enneagram 8, Joanna isn’t afraid to roast someone when necessary, but she’s also everyone’s biggest cheerleader—which makes her the absolute perfect fearless leader for our team.


Owner | Follow Him Here

Anthony is one of those few people on Earth who is both right- and left-brained—as in, he can think both analytically and creatively. He spends his time behind the computer developing websites, overseeing design strategy, and writing content. He was born and bred in a family of small business owners in Hendersonville, NC, so it comes as no surprise that the entrepreneurial genes rubbed off on him. 


Agency Director

Taylor wears a few different hats on the Tangible team—her official title is Agency Director, but you’ll often find her editing a blog for grammar mistakes, training a new protégé, or behind the scenes of our latest social media campaign. She’s also our resident expert on all things Enneagram. (And as a Type 1, she’s prepared with a spiral-bound 5-page essay in perfect MLA format in case you’re dying to know what the Enneagram test is.) Give her a shout-out next time you see a clever caption on the Tangible Insta story—chances are she came up with it.


Creative Content Coordinator

Don’t let the word “coordinator” in her title fool you—Brittany is a creative force to be reckoned with. She appreciates beautiful art of all kinds: painting, cooking, dancing, architecture, writing, fashion, and music. When she’s not writing killer captions or uploading our newest blog, she can be found rolling her eyes at someone’s lame joke or educating us on her extensive catalog of good music. Brittany’s passion for creativity and her desire for clarity make her the perfect addition to our content team. 


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Born in the North, raised in the South, first-generation American—Kiko loves art, history, science, literature, trivia, hiking, rock climbing, and general tomfoolery. He approaches each digital marketing project with a go-getter attitude and thrives on researching new topics and tactics. Catch him telling jokes around the office—but don’t let his outer shell fool you, he’s a deep thinker, too. Next time you see him, make sure to ask him his favorite song from Encanto.



Emily is an organized creative with a knack for writing. She hails from the world of coffee, so naturally, she has amazing taste— and not just with her words. When she’s not quoting The Office or drinking a cold brew, you’ll catch her supporting those around her with her genuine smile and positive attitude.