Who We Are


Owner & Marketing Manager | Follow Her Here

Joanna is responsible for keeping this business in order- both in the books and in the office. Her brain power leads the way in all things digital marketing; from writing content to strategy planning, she’s your girl. Her pace is fast, just like her life as a mom of two kids under the age of five. Keep up with her if you can, or just ask her to teach you her ways—they are second to none.


Owner & Creative Director | Follow Him Here

Anthony is one of those few people on Earth who is both right- and left-brained—as in, he can think both analytically and creatively. He spends his time behind the computer developing websites, overseeing design strategy, and writing content. He was born and bred in a family of small business owners in Hendersonville, NC, so it comes as no surprise that the entrepreneurial genes rubbed off on him.


Creative Content Strategist | Follow Her Here

Aly takes the word multidisciplinary to whole a new level. As a Creative Content Strategist, she works in a variety of service areas, including branding, visual design, content creation, and social media. If that’s not enough, get this: she has three Bachelors Degrees from the Pennsylvania State University. Not to brag or anything, but some clients do refer to her as the Creative Magician; that’s all we’re saying.


Web Genius | Follow Her Here

Leah is the office’s web genius, also known as our front-end developer, meaning she writes countless lines of code. She brings with her a fresh perspective, having worked in a multitude of creative industries in the Washington D.C. area before landing on web development and Greenville as her home. Most days, you can find her crafting mouth-watering charcuterie boards and brewing french pressed coffee.


Creative Content Strategist | Follow Her Here

Natalie is the certified world traveler of the office, having spent her childhood living in—wait for it—Peru, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Connecticut, and has visited China, Spain, and France. Over the years, she’s compiled an extensive illustration portfolio and brings to the team a knack for design, branding, writing, and social media.